Friday, 23 June 2017

Day 698 - No reply

I get angry, disappointed at another when I receive no reply. Why did they not reply, what did I say wrong, what did I do wrong, what’s wrong with me, so interesting how immediately I go into self-judgment and self-questioning as if it is something I did that is the issue, this is the workings of the mind where I simply see myself as being the issue and not considering that another, for whatever reason, I mean, evidently, has not replied to me and so well, you know, I can’t even begin to conclude as to why no reply was received. There are many factors. So here I require, firstly to stop this self-questioning and self-judgment and also to be understanding of another and leave it at that. I don’t know the reason for another not replying and that is it. I can’t also turn that into self-questioning/self-judgment, because that is weak, that is not looking for answers, that is just giving into a pattern within my mind of judging me.

I commit myself not to judge me or question me when I get no reply or no word from another about something.

I commit myself not to attack, blame another when I get no reply/word about something.

I commit myself to just leave it. I commit myself to see what has happened with the no reply or word and just stop, because it’s not in my hands anymore, it’s in another’s hands, and so I leave it alone, it is purely upon another as for the reasoning and so it’s never anything I’ve done even though my mind as me tells me otherwise which I participate within and as.

I commit myself not to partake in this desire as a program/pattern within my mind to ‘do the same’ to enact a revenge/same way of being treated as I see blindly through a pattern within my mind as if the lack of reply/word is another’s means of hurting me, judging me and wanting to return that same emotional pain ‘so they know it feels’.

I commit myself to always stand and stick to my principles as life as what is best for all, so that is to never go into this desire to blame, seek revenge or anything, which isn’t necessary in the first place, as it never matters why/what another does also, I am always in control of me and what I do and what it is I do and say must REMAIN HERE, despite how every single one around me may do or say or not say or do, that is to be then unbreakable and unshakeable as what is best for all.


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